Day Three: Random Facts

Today’s challenge entails listing 20 random facts about yourself. This doesn’t have to take a lot of time. Simply list the facts as you think of them. This particular challenge helps in self-awareness, which is imperative to peace and happiness.

  1. My husband and I just bought a house (a great Christmas gift 🙂
  2. We have two dogs.
  3. I start my fourth quarter of college tomorrow for my bachelor’s in Creative Writing.
  4. I’ll be returning to work tomorrow after having a holiday break.
  5. I just turned 40 (yikes!)
  6. I have been working out consistently though it is more difficult to get fit and lose weight the older I get.
  7. Coffee is my favorite drink.
  8. I’m tired a lot.
  9. I love my husband.
  10. I have a loving family with me being the oldest of 3 step-sisters, 1 full sister, 1 full brother and 2 half-brothers.
  11. My close friends are more like family than friends.
  12. I am healthy, though I could lose about 20 pounds.
  13. I love to laugh.
  14. I am an animal lover.
  15. I don’t like being cold.
  16. I love the beach.
  17. Knowing my friends and family are comfortable and safe are important to me.
  18. My mother and I do not have a relationship.
  19. I have an anxiety disorder. I don’t know if it developed as environmental or I was born with it. I’ve fought it my whole life and finally figured it out. I now know there are so many people with anxiety so I am not alone. It is no longer anything to be ashamed of. I can manage it and know how to not use it as a crutch when things get tough.
  20. I have a stable job, though I’d like to get into a different field that interests me.

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