Day Four: Dream Job

What is your dream job and why?

Acting and performing on stage was my ultimate dream as a kid. Hell, I never even had a drama class, but I loved ballet, piano and the recitals. I loved the accolades received for entertaining others. However, as I grew older, my social life dictated everything and I let go of any dreams I may have had as a child. Then life happens. Then bills happen. Then, (GASP), adulting happens.

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I sit in a cubicle 5 days a week, handling customer accounts in the aerospace industry. I kid you not, I fall asleep at my desk on a daily basis, regardless of how much sleep I have had. I feel like my soul is striving to take a hiatus because it’s slowly being sucked away 40-50 hours a week, not to mention the 2-3 hours I spend commuting. Of course, without a job, I would be miserable. How would I survive? How would I eat? How would we have two dogs? How would we have a car? So I am grateful to be working, though I have to wonder, why do we give up our dreams for an unforgiving cubicle, or any unforgiving job? Why can’t we find lessons in our journey RIGHT NOW instead of surviving in a black hole of mundane misery until we retire? Then what?

Soooo…this brings me back to the challenge. My dream job today is to utilize my skills to further progress me into a job I feel suits me. What I do now does not suit me. At. All. But, I am adulting so I will choose to be grateful for it. I’m in school and halfway through the bachelor’s program for Creative Writing and English. I’d say that’s as good as a start as any!

Enough of my rambling…my dream job would be to publish a psychological fiction novel. I would also love to run a dog rescue. I’m a huge animal lover and love to write (I chose aerospace why again?? Oh yeah-the adulting thing). I’m working toward a realistic, achievable goal of gaining my English degree and have been leaning toward teaching. I would love to teach other’s how to pursue their passion or bring out their natural talent of writing. We have one life to live so why not try to do what we want with it on our own terms?

What is YOUR dream job and how would you attain your dream?


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