Day Five: 5 Personal Passions

List 5 passions that you have.

Today’s challenge complements yesterday’s challenge of determining your dream job. What ignites your motivational flame and inspires you? What hobby, thing or situation drives you to purpose and satisfaction? I have passions that I can literally lose time with in the present moment.

Image result for hobby lose time

Below are a list of my 5 personal passions, in no particular order:

  1. Art-I LOVE to draw with pencil and charcoal.
  2. Write-I love to write blogs (obviously), short stories and poetry. As I mentioned in my last post, I finally have the courage to go back to college to get my English degree, to hopefully be able to practice my passion while making money. I’m working full time already so what do I have to lose?
  3. Music-I love listening to music, no matter what type of mood I am in. I truly believe it is the universal language.
  4. Nurturing my marriage-My marriage has been through dramatic twists and turns, but I believe we have learned, through professional help and wanting to help ourselves, how to work together and communicate separately and as one. My marriage between my husband and myself is something I will always consider a passion, though it runs so much deeper than a word describing a feeling.
  5. Health-I am into self-improvement techniques, such as this blog, meditation and journaling to help myself but to also share these learned techniques with others. I love to work out and find different health foods to eat. Ok, so I admit, I do enjoy browsing the internet for recipes but I don’t really cook so my husband cooks the meals a lot of the time. Ok, ok…the MAJORITY of the time. He likes to cook, I like to eat healthy, it’s a win-win! Seriously, though, being healthy is more about living a long, prosperous, quality life. Of course I wish my body would snap back into shape after a large meal like it used to, but I also want to feel good and share in healthy activities with friends. I want us ALL to live forever!



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