Day Six: 3 Legitimate Fears

What are 3 legitimate fears you have and how did they originate?

  1. Heights – I absolutely, hands down LOVE roller coasters! I love the thrill of circling upside down and the wind whipping through my hair as it hangs in the air on a loop. Now, looking down from a high building, such as the Space Needle, terrifies me! My heart pounds in my chest and every imaginable and unimaginable fear from earthquakes to falling fuels the anxiety. Why do I prefer one height to another? I have no idea. However, I do remember the first time I realized that heights scared me to no end. I was about eight years old with my younger sister, brother and dad at the Renaissance Center in Detroit. The elevator was shrouded in glass, including the bottom. All I could see was us, in the elevator, climbing floor after floor while the ground was further and further away. I cried. Literally. Ever since, heights have been something I would rather avoid.
  2. Spiders – As long as I can remember, spiders have been the bane of my existence. Spiders creep me out! No creature should have eight, spiny legs and be able to spin chaotic webs wherever they please. No creature. Ever. This fear originated from watching the movie “Arachnophobia” in the movie theaters as a kid. If you have never heard of the movie and are not afraid of spiders, look it up. I dare you. Or not.
  3. Judgement – I have suppressed this one my entire life until the past few years. I think I so harshly judged myself that I assumed everyone else did. I know it began from my home environment. As kids, my siblings and I were taught that other people are more important and that we should never put ourselves first. We were judged on ridiculous standards even though the physical environment did not reflect that. My mother judges others for every, little imperfection and criticizes like crazy. She still does, which is one of many reasons we don’t really have a relationship. Anyway, this isn’t a “blame your parents” post. I, and I alone, am responsible for my own actions. This is where my fear originated. I have learned that this fearing judgement on such a large level is exhausting! I have also learned that I can rewire my brain to overcome this fear, and I’m successfully working on it.

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