Day Eight: List 5 Strengths

List 5 strengths that you possess

I used to (and occasionally still do) have a difficult time talking about and being proud of my strengths. I dwelled on my weaknesses with the false belief that I could never have the confidence that I saw in others, that I wasn’t good enough. Well, let me tell you…I was WRONG. Way wrong. I realized that I simply didn’t know how to be confident in myself and trust myself. I had no idea the skills that it took to recognize myself and be ok with it. I had no idea that I COULD be equal to others, regardless of what I was told as a child. We are ALL worthy of being taught love, respect and equality as children. I think this is the crucial time that we learn how to manage our feelings, by our parents or guardians leading by example, though that can be another subject for a different post.

Everyone has a right to be proud of their strengths. Of course we all have weaknesses but instead of focusing on weaknesses, why not focus on using our strengths to improve our weaknesses? Self-awareness is so important to knowing ourselves and that means facing our fears and knowing our weaknesses. We will never, ever be perfect, but we can be perfectly imperfect by having good intentions. So, here we go, below are what I consider my greatest strengths.

  1. Perseverance – Everyone has a story. My story had many twists and turns, as most do. I had some not good twists growing up and as an adult, but I have overcome every, single thing that has happened. We all go through the same stuff differently: I finally figured out how to love myself first so I could love others. I learned healthy boundaries and what I am worthy of accepting and declining. I learned I don’t have to do what people think I should do in terms of relationships, friends, work, etc.. They have their own lives to live and I don’t judge, so why should I care? I learned to learn my moral compass while letting go of other people’s judgments (I’m still working on this, though I have been much better). I have persevered through some really difficult situations and dealt with them in unhealthy ways but more recently in healthy ways. Even when I’m afraid, I do it anyway, if I feel it is right.
  2. Empathy – I have always been empathetic, sometimes to a fault.  I have tried not to care as much, but I do. And I know that is part of who I am, it is ingrained within me. I easily take into consideration other people’s feelings and thoughts within a situation. Empathy is important in connecting with people and forming close bonds with others, I feel.
  3. Ambition – Even though I’m 40 and back in college…again….I’m still working full time making a decent living.via Instagram I’m in school to change my career to something I am passionate about and yet can help to further my family and I financially. I love to learn about others. I love to read. I get bored if I don’t have something to read or something new to learn about or experience. I always think there are ways to improve and become better than I was yesterday.
  4. Trust-worthy –I really pride myself with this virtue. Of course I have told white lies in my life and lied to my parents growing up (though I did caught almost every time). Again, we are all perfectly imperfect, remember?? ha ha Anyway, I have been told many times, from childhood through adulthood, that people trust my judgement about situations and feel comfortable confiding in me. I find that the more I trust and respect myself, the more other’s do. I want to trust in others, realistically, not the rainbow and butterfly blind trust thing, so I want them to be able to trust me. It’s called humanity.
  5. Creativity – I am naturally a creative person. I ignored this vital piece of ME for years, until I began writing poetry and drawing again.Image result for creativity I absolutely love music, writing, reading, drawing and looking at other amazing art. I love to think outside of the box and have ideas that some think is weird but I love that about me. I think that’s why working in the corporate world is so confining, I like structure, but I want to use my creativity along with compassion for a purpose.




Thinking of 5 strengths was harder than I thought it might be! I really enjoyed today’s challenge because it caused me to be more self-aware and celebrate being ME.


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