Day Nine: List 5 Weaknesses

List 5 of your most apparent weaknesses

Nobody likes to think about their weaknesses. None of us are perfect, no…really, NONE of us. Self-awareness is key to connecting to yourself, first and foremost, then you are able to connect easier with others. So here is my list:

  1. Worry- I worry entirely too much. I have been diagnosed with anxiety. I’ve learned it’s common and can be managed, though worry sometimes strikes when I know it’s irrational. I’m working on it, though, and have come a LONG way.
  2. Too critical-I am too critical of myself which, sometimes, causes me to over criticize others. I have learned that being overly critical of others is really a reflection of my own judgement against myself. Again, I have learned to catch myself when the negative thoughts creep into my head, but it’s sometimes still there.
  3. Moody-I know it comes with age and being a woman, but oh my gosh, it is awful! I need to learn to manage my moods better. I tend to get lost in highs and lost in lows and it is difficult to be content.
  4. Public speaking-I know this one sounds like a resume weakness or strength, but I really, really hate it. It’s so weird, as a kid, I LOVED performing dances and now I love having a microphone when doing karaoke but when it comes to presenting at work or introducing myself in a meeting, I get all discombobulated, shaky and just plain weird. I really would like to continue to work on this, because once I feel comfortable in the spotlight, I am ok and actually enjoy it, if the subject is interesting.
  5. Punctuality-Funny, I used to be so punctual, even early for everything from meeting friends, to showing up for work and mailing packages. Now, I am just the opposite. I am late to work (in my defense, Seattle traffic is horrendous so sometimes I’m early and sometimes I’m late, depending on traffic), late for meeting friends and mailing packages…forget it! I’m not entirely sure what happened but it’s not fair to those who are waiting for me and would be less stress for me.

That wasn’t easy but it is good to be aware of my weaknesses. It helped to open my mind to myself 🙂 We may be imperfect, but we can always work on our weaknesses with our strengths.


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