Day Twelve: Trust Your Intuition

Trust Your Intuition. It knows best.

Trusting your intuition can sound cliche but it is so important to trust yourself and your instincts before trusting anything or anyone else! If you allow others to dictate your level of trust, your values and morals are compromised and the result could be disastrous. Depression, anxiety and self-doubt may creep into your sub conscious. Your life would not be your own, it would be a product of other people’s opinions. You get my point.

Trusting your inner guide does not always mean you are correct, it simply means that a mixture of biology and experience has helped to shape your intuition to do what is best for you in a given situation.

So if you are questioning what to do in a difficult or easy situation, take a moment, meditate for a couple of minutes and let your intuition guide you to make the right decision with integrity and your own values.

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