Day Thirteen: Let Go of Needless Thoughts

Let Go of Thoughts That Do Not Serve You

If you are plagued with anxiety, whether it be generalized anxiety, social anxiety, agoraphobia, etc…you well know the exhausting cycle of needless, negative worries. If you do not have chronic anxiety, that is terrific and I won’t lie…I’m kinda jealous. But, it CAN be managed effectively to give us relief. Even people without anxiety can have excessive worry from time to time.

Is worrying about the embarrassing moment of falling off of a chair going to serve me? Does it really matter what anyone else thought? NO! And, just for the record, that happened many moons ago in sixth grade.

Is worrying about an issue at your place of employment all night going to correct the problem? NO! It will keep you awake all night which will fog your brain when instead, you could have let go of the worry and slept good, to wake up with a clear mind to find a solution to the issue.

Of course, there are situations and people we do need to worry about such as loved ones who are sick or if you lose your job. The twist is that worrying is still not going to fix your loved one’s health and worrying is not going to find you another job. It will cause you to be exhausted, frazzled and irritated. What good are you for someone in poor health if you are not well yourself? How good will you be in that interview for the job that you want, no NEED, if you are in a constant state of worry?

Soooo….what do we do about those annoying thoughts aimlessly floating around our head? We can:

  1. Exercise. You don’t have to lift weights or run a marathon, but even getting outside for a brisk walk, regardless of the weather, helps to release tension and refresh your thoughts.
  2. Face your fears. Just as worrying doesn’t change a fear, neither does ignoring it. If you allow feelings, positive or negative, to fester and linger, it turns into worry and anxiety. Write in a journal what the worry is. Write the 3, worst possible outcomes and the 3, best outcomes. Using your intuition, you’ll know what the reality is.
  3. Set aside time to relax. Disconnect from all technology, that means, your phone, tablet, laptop and yes, even blogging, for at least one hour one time a week. Schedule it into a calendar if you have to, just do it and read an entertaining book or take a bath. You need down time to recover and be the best you can possibly be in stressful situations. Relaxing also helps to allow us to find solutions with clarity and let go.

If you have any tips for letting go of needless worries, leave a comment and share you wisdom!

And remember this affirmation: You are enough right now. You can proceed with confidence, compassion and curiosity while letting go of what does not serve you.



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