Day Sixteen: Be Present

Live in the present moment-it is all we have.

Sundays. If you work a 5 day work week, you most likely can relate to the dreaded feeling of knowing the work week begins the next day. It feels as if today is my last day of relaxation and freedom, though from morning until I go to bed, I needlessly worry about the impending work week ahead.

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Anxiety has hindered my positive perspective, exhausted my energy reserves and made life sometimes unmanageable…so I felt. Worrying is about living in the past and living in a future that hasn’t happened, though a future filled with self-doubt and negativity. I decided I wanted to my best to gain back the positive attitude I once had and to live each moment as if it mattered, well, because it absolute does! Living the present moment is the best way to do this.

Below are a few tips to bring yourself back to this moment and not only survive it but appreciate it with joy and gratitude!

  1. Sit alone, use headphones if you have to to drown out background noise, and allow your thoughts to float around in your head, without judgment. Imagine the thoughts as balloons that are released into the sky and disappear. Do this for 5 minutes, 10 minutes, whatever time frame feels comfortable for you.
  2. Journal. Write down all your worries about the future and past and then what could or could not happen. Write freely, just let it all out. Then burn those pages! I have tried this before and it really is effective to allowing myself to let go of needless worry. I can then appreciate this very moment and make the best of what I have for myself and others.
  3. Do an activity that you enjoy. I love to draw. Sometimes, I get lost in creating art and I love it. It lifts my mood and I feel more positive and confident in the moment. Sometimes I run my dogs. Being outside and exercising gives me a euphoric feeling. Visiting with good friends helps to bring me back to the present. It’s great to laugh and forget all needless worries with a supportive group of people.

Living in the present moment does not mean to neglect goals. It is good to have long term and short term goals to work for but your life does not have to be overwhelmed with what could or has happened. Maybe take 30 minutes at the beginning of each week to review or adjust your goals in a journal or a discussion with someone. Then you can let go of worrying about it and just take each moment to do your best to work toward fulfilling them.

The present moment is all we have.


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