Day Eighteen: Curiosity NEVER Killed the Cat!

Be Curious and Get Connected

Just today, ask at least one person a question about a topic that at least somewhat interests you. Maybe a co-worker tells great stories, ask him or her about a story and truly listen. Maybe you want to know why a co-worker or your boss performs a task a certain way. Ask how or why they do. Maybe your friend has a new business. Ask him or her what their favorite aspect about owning a business is.

The point isn’t to be nosy but to get involved and connect to those around you. Be curious and actually listen to a person’s story or response. True connection isn’t one-sided, it stems from listening and being curious about other’s stories and sharing ours. Just for today, truly engage yourself in one person’s story. I know you’ve been practicing those meditation skills that were mentioned earlier in this challenge….right??? Be present. You might be surprised what you could actually learn just by asking and focusing on that moment only.


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