Day Nineteen: Demolish the Fear

Overcome the fear and just do it now!

Just for today, if there is something little  you fear such as asking for a raise or disagreeing with  your boss, keeping that moral, empathetic compass in mind, just do it! Don’t overthink and over analyze every, single action. Yes, mindfulness is important but so is a good balance between trusting your intuitive sense and being decisive for the right reasons. If you feel something is wrong, speak up….if you feel something is right, express your views…if you see someone doing something great, encourage them…if you see someone doing something immoral, tell them, just do it already!

Remember, it takes baby steps to overcome fear of situations that have been programmed in  your brain for a lifetime. The goal is to recognize the fear and take action. We can ponder the anxiety and the “what-ifs” until we fear the fear and then some, but that defeats our intention. If you feel the need to speak up, as little as the conversation or task may be, do it just once tomorrow…I promise, you will be proud of yourself for doing it!


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