Day Twenty: Meditate on Nothing

Meditate on Nothing for Clarity

Meditation has already been a challenge, but this challenge is for 10 minutes, just meditate to soft music or absolute silence…no guided meditations allowed! One of the forty subjects of meditation according to Buddhism (I just learned this the other day, I don’t know much else about Buddhism though I think it would be so interesting!) is the realm of nothingness. I can understand how emptying thoughts from your head can be gratifying. We live in a busy, busy world and society wants people to go go go. Well, I don’t know about you but this girl needs a break once in a while!

Image result for meditation

So, in the morning, afternoon, evening, whatever works for you and your schedule, take 10 minutes, set a timer on your phone or stove top and be still. Ensure there are no distractions and that you are in a comfortable, warm place. Just breathe and relax while sitting or lying down. I find that it’s impossible to avoid thoughts, so I allow them to fly away, like balloons in the sky.

After your meditation, you hopefully feel a bit more relaxed and in tune with your intuition. I find I possess more clarity and confidence afterward because I’ve come into contact with myself and truly listened to what I need. This will also help tremendously in connecting with others.

So, just 10 minutes of nothingness….Try it!


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