Day Twenty-Two: Intention and Energy

Set an intention for today to focus your energy on what matters

Focus your energy on the thing that matter. What are you obligations and how do you prioritize them? What truly is important to you?

I tend to get distracted by the chaos at work and by the time my day is over and I’ve endured the horrible commute, work lingers until the next morning, when I do it all over again. I KNOW a lot of you can relate to the mundane routines and urgent busyness of work, parenting, or whatever it may be. Instead of focusing my energy solely on the negativity of my energy-zapping day at the office, why not set an intention to focus your energy on what is important, just for today? Pick 1-3 top priorities and focus your energy on that.

My top 3 priorities of the day:

  1. my marriage-lately, work and school have been taking precedence over my husband. That is NOT cool…I intend to fully engage in conversation with him after work, ask him about his day and truly listen.
  2. communication-I have been a bit self-involved lately, being so busy. My intention is to communicate with confidence, clarity and curiosity.
  3. relaxation-I will take 1 hour to read and not think about anything, maybe I’ll even add a soothing bubble bath in the mix!

Remember, if you don’t take the time to arrange your own life, you’re a slave to someone else’s ideas of your life should be. Focus your energy on the good stuff! Everything becomes easier to manage if you can get your life right, your own way.


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