Day Twenty-Three: TED Talks

Listen to a TED talk

TED talks are uber popular lately. There is a TED talk for basically every topic from careers to children. One of my favorites is about finding presence in everything we do by being still. The title is Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi’s ‘Flow, the secret to happiness’ (I have absolutely no idea how to pronounce that, so give it your best shot).

Find a TED talk to listen to before you start your day, first thing this morning or at night…whatever time of day works for you. Personally, I prefer to start my day off on a positive note, because I’m not exactly a chipper morning person, but that’s just me. That might not be you. Or maybe it is. Anyway…

Think of your self-improvement priority right now. Maybe your career is off track or you want a new one? Maybe you feel insecure? Maybe you want to find fulfillment? Maybe you want to get in touch with your creative side. Whatever it may be, there will most likely be a TED talk. So download that TED talk podcast or video, you’ll be intrigued, I promise!



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