Day Thirty: Conquer Fear

Conquer fear, even a small one, just today.

You’ve made it to Day Thirty! Today is the last day of this self-improvement 30 day challenge. I think today’s challenge helps to reign in the previous twenty-nine days and combine all of the self-love and confidence tips learned.

Fear is just thoughts, though, sometimes those thoughts are very difficult turn turn around into a positive, reasonable thought. Our brains have often been programmed from the time of a child to think negative or fear certain situations. My problem that I know is irrational is that I worry what other people will think and fear their judgement and criticism. Sometimes, I can’t hide it so my hands shake, I blush, sweat and voice is shaky. Sometimes, I can hide it very well and sometimes I simply feel confident in myself. Most of the time in the past 10 years or so, I have felt more confidence than I ever have. I was so ashamed and secretive about social anxiety for so many years. I’ve learned, through counseling, self help and support from loved ones that it’s really not a big deal. People have their own stuff to worry about. So what if I’m not perfect and say something off? I have good intentions and that is what matters.

So, today, I’m going to meet a friend at her friend’s house, whom I don’t really care for, but I want to see my friend. So I’m going, no matter what. Instead of imagining my shaky voice and submissiveness, I’m thinking of my confidence and how just being the kind, communicative, compassionate assertive me is ok. I am enough how I am.

What fear will you conquer today?


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