30 Day Meditation Challenge!!

Hi all, it is time to begin a new challenge.


Meditation has really helped to calm my anxious mind through the years so I thought that trying a challenge on a consistent basis would be so beneficial. And, hey, I want to share this treasure with all of you!

Each day, for thirty days, I will post a mantra.  There are three ways to choose from to meditate using this mantra:

  1. Repeat the mantra in your head and meditate in silence.
  2. Find a guided meditation using the mantra of the day
  3. Repeat the mantra in your head and meditate to nature sounds or soft music with no words.

I will be using the guided meditation. I love podcasts and one of my favorites that I highly recommend is http://chelhamilton.com/. You can also use Google or YouTube to find a guided meditation, if that is your preference.

Let’s get started on our meditative journey to self-awareness and connection!

Day One

Today’s mantra is “calm, ease and peace”. Meditate today for 5-10 minutes.

If things get tough at any point today, remember this mantra and the relaxing feeling you felt while in your meditative state.




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