Day Four: Positive Energy

Today’s meditation mantra:

I thrive in positive energy, no matter what the situation.

Thinking positively can be realistic without the negative connotation that realism portrays. You can choose to find the solutions when problems arise, instead of dwelling and feeling like a victim. You can choose to follow your intuition when faced with a decision, that will be the best decision for you and all in involved. These are small examples of positive energy. Despite your circumstances, you can wallow in negative feelings for a short amount of time, then do something about it! Something positive 🙂

Meditate for 10-15 minutes, repeating the above mantra or using a guided meditation. Focus on just today and if a sticky situation arises, remember this mantra and you’ll be amazed how your inherent negative thinking patterns change!

**I found the below article  to be helpful and change perspective when things are out of your control. Take a look…






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