Day Five – Free Expression

Today’s mantra is:

“I am able to express my feelings freely with confidence and clarity.”

Sometimes it is difficult to express bad feelings and it can be easy to blame others, act out in anger or get overly dramatic. I have reacted to negative feelings with all the above and you know what? Each time I felt even more upset, frustrated or depressed. What I realize now is that I just wanted to be heard; I wanted my feelings validated. I have learned to take action instead of reacting. I have learned that most people do not listen when I do not freely express myself, but with a rational tone. Learning to express ourselves with confidence, courage and a calm demeanor helps to build authentic relationships with yourself and others.

Meditate for 10-15 minutes, silently repeating today’s mantra or use a guided meditation that relates to this mantra. Then just breathe in each moment, knowing you are free to express your feelings.


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