Day Twenty Three: Obstacles

Today’s mantra is:

There are no obstacles I cannot overcome.

Challenges are part of life’s journey. Each journey is unique which implies that each challenge is unique. Some people will have devastatingly difficult obstacles while others may have minor ones. Whatever the case, obstacles cannot be avoided. If you tend to think of obstacles as a negative event and practice self pity every time a challenge arises, change your perspective. Think of a difficult situation as a chace to learn a lesson and grow. Maybe you’ll learn something about yourself or a lovrd one in the process. If the situation is extremely difficult, it is more than ok to ask for help. Ask for guidance from a close friend, relative or counselor. 

We can overcome any obstacle we face. Some challenges might take longer to defeat and some may not. Remember not to expect resolutions to happen instantaneously, rather, take small, reasonable steps each day. It can be daunting and so difficult but you can overcome. I promise, the determination and strength you have will shine through and be more than worth it.

Meditate for 10 minutes in silence or with nature sounds or music, using this mantra.


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