Day Twenty Eight: I am at peace with who I am

Today’s meditation mantra:

I am at peace with who I am.

One of my personal struggles has been accepting and loving who I am. I have always felt that I wasn’t good enough, I had to live up to other peoples perceived expections to be accepted and my life was dependant on other people’s opinions. In the past few years, I have learned that I do not have ANY obligation to live up to anyone’s expectations, except for my own. MY opinions and thoughts matter the most, not other’s. Yes, I can take other people’s opinions into consideration and completely dismissing everyone’s opinions is not good, either, though I get to choose which matter and which to consider. 

I still struggle with unconditional acceptance but compared to 10 years ago, I am so much more confident and comfortable with myself. The only acceptance you need is your own. Once you accept and become at peace with all of you, it easier to connect with others naturally.

Meditate for 10 minutes in silence, repeating this mantra.


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