Day Thirty: Faith

Today’s final mantra of this challenge is:

Faith is about being okay no matter what the outcome.

Faith is so vital in so many of life’s circumstances. Yes, having faith that things will turn out how you want is important but a higher power may have something else in store, if you believe in a higher power. I do and believe that even when I think it is best to want a certain outcome, I think that a higher power, the universe and God, are going to eventually determine the best outcome. We may not understand it or like it at all. Or maybe we will. I believe we own our journey and our decisions create our outcomes; though only the ones within our control. Faith that you will be ok, no matter how long it takes, is paramount to our mental and spiritual freedom, empathy and well-being.

Meditate for 15 minutes in silence or with a guided meditation using this mantra.


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