A Short Bio

I’m a mid western girl from Michigan who transplanted to the Pacific Northwest a few years back and feel so grateful to be able to reside in such a beautiful part of the country! A perfect combination of nature, culture and city life makes the Seattle area the best to live in my book:)


We have a stubborn but adorable beagle who often thinks he is an 8 year old kid, two amazing step daughters and a husband who is stubborn but can also believe he is an 8 year old kid- just kidding! Kind of…

My beagle

We also have a stubborn, alpha, yet lovable bloodhound/lab mix that thinks he rules…but he doesn’t 😉


Coffee, music, writing, photography, drawing, running, hiking, laughter, good times with friends and family, meditation, yoga, good wine, good eats, and the creative arts are things that ignite my flame and make me happy.

mocha cappuccino