Day Thirty: Faith

Today’s final mantra of this challenge is:

Faith is about being okay no matter what the outcome.

Faith is so vital in so many of life’s circumstances. Yes, having faith that things will turn out how you want is important but a higher power may have something else in store, if you believe in a higher power. I do and believe that even when I think it is best to want a certain outcome, I think that a higher power, the universe and God, are going to eventually determine the best outcome. We may not understand it or like it at all. Or maybe we will. I believe we own our journey and our decisions create our outcomes; though only the ones within our control. Faith that you will be ok, no matter how long it takes, is paramount to our mental and spiritual freedom, empathy and well-being.

Meditate for 15 minutes in silence or with a guided meditation using this mantra.


Day Twenty Nine: Strong and Healthy

Today’s mantra is:

I feel strong and healthy.

I don’t think much more needs to be said for this affirmation. This could relate to numerous situations and obstacles for many people.

Repeat this mantra using a guided meditation or in silence for 10-15 minutes.

Day Twenty Eight: I am at peace with who I am

Today’s meditation mantra:

I am at peace with who I am.

One of my personal struggles has been accepting and loving who I am. I have always felt that I wasn’t good enough, I had to live up to other peoples perceived expections to be accepted and my life was dependant on other people’s opinions. In the past few years, I have learned that I do not have ANY obligation to live up to anyone’s expectations, except for my own. MY opinions and thoughts matter the most, not other’s. Yes, I can take other people’s opinions into consideration and completely dismissing everyone’s opinions is not good, either, though I get to choose which matter and which to consider. 

I still struggle with unconditional acceptance but compared to 10 years ago, I am so much more confident and comfortable with myself. The only acceptance you need is your own. Once you accept and become at peace with all of you, it easier to connect with others naturally.

Meditate for 10 minutes in silence, repeating this mantra.

Day Twenty Seven: Trust in the Universe

Today’s mantra is:

Trust in the guidance of the universe.

I believe in a higher power. I believe that God and the universe co exist and that the energy you emit will be received in some way. Whether you believe in God or not, it doesn’t matter. Whatever your belief, trust that something else, such as the universe, is on your side, if you allow it to be. 

Trust in yourself for making moral decisions and what is right for you is vital to our sense of self, but no matter how much we trust ourselves, we cannot control other people’s actions or unforseen circumstances. Trust that no matter what, the universe will guide us when we let go of that in which we cannot control. 

Meditate with a guided meditation or in silence, using this mantra, for 15 minutes.

Day Twenty Six: Grateful for the journey

Today’s mantra is:

I am grateful for my journey and the lessons it teaches.

Our life’s journey is not about rushing to reach our destination. If we hurried through life then before we know it, our life is ending. Life is about the forks in the road, deciding which to take and learning lessons along the way. Be grateful for the good and the bad, no matter how difficult it may be. Be grateful for those who walk beside you in your journey. Be grateful. 

Meditate on this mantra for 10 minutes.

Day Twenty Five: Unique

Today’s mantra is:

I am unique and that is my gift to the universe.

We all have our own, unique quirks and different ways of thinking. Embracing your imagination, values and true self are important to becoming the best you that you can be for yourself and the universe. Each positive, realistic action you take daily, whether it be improving upon a hobby, helping someone across a busy street or volunteering for a cause, you contribute your wisdom and uniqueness to the universe. Each of our contributions matter, no matter how big or small. 

Meditate to a guided meditation, in silence or with soft music for 15 minutes.

Day Twenty Four: Life is beautiful

Today’s mantra:

Life is beautiful!

Life is not always easy. There are so many questions, hardships and unforseen circumstances that can hit us like mac trucks. Life is also full of amazement, wonder and ease, if you allow it. The challenges that happen to us can be overcome if choose to see the beauty in life. Yes, you will feel anger, jealousy and sadness but you will also feel joy, excitement and peace. Challenges build character and teach us valuable lessons and guide us to enjoy the beauty in life.

Meditate for 15 minutes, simply repeating the mantra “Life is beautiful”.