Day Eleven: It’s YOUR life

Today’s meditation mantra is:

I make my life and no one else can make it for me.

It’s easy to allow external opinions influence your decisions. Use your intuition to decide what advice to use and what advice to ignore and don’t ever forget that even though you choose to take advice, YOU live with the consequences of that choice, no one else does. It’s your life to live, no one else can do it for you. So be your quirky, loveable, loving, compassionate, confident self!

Meditate for 10-15 minutes, silently repeating the mantra with or without background music or sounds.


Day Ten: Commitment

Today’s meditation mantra:

I honor my commitment to myself and to others.


Have you committed to learn a new language? Spend more time with family? Take some “you” time? Personally, I have committed to carve out a few more relaxation breaks in my day. Stress is no bueno. Taking time to de streas will not only improve my mental and physical health but also help me to nurture relationships with others I have and communicate better.

Whatever your commitment is, practice just a few minutes or an hour every day. If you made a promise to someone else, honor it!! If it can’t happen, communicate honestly and figure out a resolution that is in favor of both parties.

Meditate for about 10 minutes, in silence or with music, repeating this mantra.

Day Nine: I am loveable

Today’s meditation mantra is:

I am loveable

Work is so busy. Commuting is tiring. School can be challenging. Sometimes, I just don’t feel all that loveable. I may snap at a co-worker, get irritated with a friend or argue over something petty with my husband but the underlying reason is that I’m just tired and stressed. It’s so important to remember that in trying times, YOU are still worthy of being loved. We are only human, we’re allowed to have bad moods, but we are also allowed to turn to our support system for help and to know that we are loved, no matter what.

So remember in times of chaos and irritation that it’s ok to fall apart but you are worthy of putting yourself back together and are loveable.

Meditate with this mantra with music or silence for 10 minutes.

Day Seven: Do What is Right

Today’s meditation mantra is:

I know how and when to do what is right.

Sometimes I question my own moral intentions, not because I am not a good person but because I want to do the right thing to help me and others. I think most of us have self-doubt sometimes, but id our intentions are morally sound, we are ok.

Meditate on this mantra in silence for 10 minutes.


Day Six: Presence

Today’s meditation mantra is:

Be present in this moment. It is all that matters.

Being present doesn’t mean neglecting future goals, rather it means you can plan for the future but do not have to needlessly worry about it. Eliminate all the over thinking and brain clutter by focusing on the experience of now. Each minute of this life is precious, why would we waste it by worrying about events that haven’t happened? Instead of anticipating the negative, we can anticipate a realistic, positive view and learn to deal with the negative as it occurs.

Image result for meditation presence

Take 10-15 minutes and repeat this mantra in your head, out loud or or silently. Use background music, nature sounds or a guided meditate and remember to breathe.

Happy meditating!

Day Five – Free Expression

Today’s mantra is:

“I am able to express my feelings freely with confidence and clarity.”

Sometimes it is difficult to express bad feelings and it can be easy to blame others, act out in anger or get overly dramatic. I have reacted to negative feelings with all the above and you know what? Each time I felt even more upset, frustrated or depressed. What I realize now is that I just wanted to be heard; I wanted my feelings validated. I have learned to take action instead of reacting. I have learned that most people do not listen when I do not freely express myself, but with a rational tone. Learning to express ourselves with confidence, courage and a calm demeanor helps to build authentic relationships with yourself and others.

Meditate for 10-15 minutes, silently repeating today’s mantra or use a guided meditation that relates to this mantra. Then just breathe in each moment, knowing you are free to express your feelings.