Day Twenty Three: Obstacles

Today’s mantra is:

There are no obstacles I cannot overcome.

Challenges are part of life’s journey. Each journey is unique which implies that each challenge is unique. Some people will have devastatingly difficult obstacles while others may have minor ones. Whatever the case, obstacles cannot be avoided. If you tend to think of obstacles as a negative event and practice self pity every time a challenge arises, change your perspective. Think of a difficult situation as a chace to learn a lesson and grow. Maybe you’ll learn something about yourself or a lovrd one in the process. If the situation is extremely difficult, it is more than ok to ask for help. Ask for guidance from a close friend, relative or counselor. 

We can overcome any obstacle we face. Some challenges might take longer to defeat and some may not. Remember not to expect resolutions to happen instantaneously, rather, take small, reasonable steps each day. It can be daunting and so difficult but you can overcome. I promise, the determination and strength you have will shine through and be more than worth it.

Meditate for 10 minutes in silence or with nature sounds or music, using this mantra.


Day Twenty Two: Compassion

Today’s mantra is:

I have compassion for myself and for others.

Compassion is vital for self-worth and connecting with others. I sometimes find it easier to have compassion for others and lack compassion for myself. If I’m going to sympathize or empathize with someone who does me wrong, why can’t I sympathize with myself when I do wrong? Having compassion for yourself is an important component of growth and understanding of yourself. Realizing that I am going to make mistakes, no matter what stage of life I am in, is ok and normal, as long as I have the best intentions just like others mistakes are ok and normal, with the best intentions. Let go of the needless stress. Help each other when necessary or just because.

Image result for compassionate and assertiveness

It’s ok to lose your temper once in a while, as long as you try to keep it on rational terms. Compassion means trying to understand that when another shows intense emotions that there is something more going on behind the surface that you may or may not comprehend. Embrace that knowledge and realize that rarely is anything personal.

Meditate for 15 minutes with guided meditation or in silence.

Day Twenty One: Calm

Today’s mantra is:

I am calm and mindful while allowing myself to rest.

When a stressful situation arises, I don’t know about you but my mind automatically reverts to overdrive. It is as if every worst-case scenario flashes through my mind in 10 seconds. Really. As I write this, I realize how unneccessary this sounds and how stressful. So I decided to take action. This may be the way my brain is wired though it doesn’t have to create chaos in my head. I have the power to change my own perspective and guess what? So do you!

Mindful meditation has helped me destress and handle difficulties better than any pill can. You have to really focus, though, and WANT the calm that a peaceful mind brings. Being mindful shouldn’t feel like a chore, rather, it should feel like a release from the pressures you or others place upon yourself. 

Meditate for 15-20 minutes, repeating this mantra. 

Day Twenty: Fearless

Today’s mantra:

I am fearless.

Being fearless does not mean being void of fear, it means having the courage to face your fears, no matter how daunting it seems. Are you putting off a raise request at work, an awkward conversation with a friend or asking your neighbors to stop their barking dogs in the middle of the night? Are you afraid of flying, committment or change in general?

Fear is a normal, human emotion. It helps to activate our flight or flight mode in dangerous situations. The problem is when fear turns into paranoia or overruns every action you do. Overcoming fears builds confidence and teaches valuable life lessons. Start overcoming small fears and notice the optimism and strength you feel.

Meditate for 15 minutes on silence or with a guided meditation with this mantra. 

Day Eighteen: Truth with Confidence

Today’s meditation mantra is:

I express confidence when conveying my truth.

Using your innate wisdom, experiences and intuition guide you to what you know to be true. Express that with confidence. YOUR truth is just as important as someone else’s. Keep an open mind but know your truth.

Meditate for 10-15 minutes with a guided meditation or in silence, using this mantra.

Day Seventeen: Inner Wisdom

Today’s mantra is:

I trust my inner wisdom as my guide.

Every experience, good or bad, that has happened in your life, creates a plethera of knowledge. You (we) learn our morals, values, empathy, sympathy and many other strengths and weaknesses. This wisdom is our guide to get us through the hard times and happy times. Listen to your wisdom and keep contributing that wisdom. It will be your ultimate guide to choosing the right path.

Meditate in silence or with music or sounds with this mantra, for 10-15 minutes.